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The number of Queens motorists injured in car crashes is shocking

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Firm News |

A recent City of New York Police Department (NYPD) report shows that during April of 2018, at least 17,893 motor vehicle collisions occurred citywide. Data compiled by the department shows that 35,611 drivers and 1,452 passengers had their lives impacted by these crashes. Another 290 bicyclists and 719 pedestrians were involved as well.

Of the aforementioned crashes, the data shows that 5,192 of them occurred in Queens. At least 1,023 of the accidents resulted in injuries. Another four resulted in deaths, three of which involved pedestrians being struck and killed.

There are varying reasons that crash scene investigators determined these collisions occurred. The NYPD report shows that at least 1,651 cases are blamed on driver distractions or inattention. Another 700 occurred because a motorist was following another one too closely. In 525 of the cases that month, a motorist failed to yield the right-of-way.

Other factors that seemed to play a significant role in crash rates in Queens last month included backing up unsafely (348), improper lane usage/passing (330) and passing too closely (252).

Distracted driving caused by handheld cellphone or other electronic device usage only appeared to be blamed for four collisions. In at least five crashes, either a motorist’s physical disability or loss of consciousness was to blame for the incidents.

At least 4,756 of the aforementioned crashes involved sedans. SUV drivers accounted for another 3,982. Bicyclists were involved in at least 65 of these collisions. Another 43 motorcyclists had crashes during the month of April in Queens.

The crash rate data for New York City doesn’t go into detail about the seriousness of the injuries victims suffered.

If you’ve been involved in a crash that’s left you with debilitating injuries, a Queens motor vehicle accident attorney can advise you of your right to sue the negligent party for medical expenses and other damages.

Source: Police Department City of New York, “Motor vehicle collision report statistics citywide,” accessed May 25, 2018

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