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June 2018 Archives

A special needs trust should be carefully administered

If someone in your home receives government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because they're either physically or mentally impaired, then it's likely that you've heard a special needs trust. While government programs like Medicaid are intended to cover an individual's basic needs, they don't cover "creature comforts" that we'll all come to enjoy having access to.

Bicyclists line 43rd Avenue demanding bike lanes, get struck down

On Wednesday, June 6, countless bicyclists lined the bike lane nearby the intersection of 39th Street and 43rd Avenue in the Sunnyside. They did so in hopes of reminding Queens Community Board members of the importance of protecting bicyclists. The location the advocates selected to quietly protest from happens to the same stretch of roadway where a local resident was mowed down by a driver while on his bike last year.

How to prove that negligent security resulted in your injuries

If you go into the grocery store, bank or public places nowadays, you'll often see an armed guard working either inside or outside of the establishment. If you're wondering why there's been an uptick in the number of businesses using security in recent years, it has a lot to do with companies' fears of being sued.