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How often are children’s products recalled for safety concerns?

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Whether you enter a big box retailer, toy store or grocery store, it’s likely that you’ll see signs with pictures of products that have been recalled right near the entrance. You may even hear about the recall on the nightly news.

Some product designers or manufacturers who constantly test their products may come across defects on their own. When they do, they often will voluntarily issue a recall. As for those companies that don’t regularly test their items, consumers who purchase their products often suffer injuries before a recall is ever made.

According to the national nonprofit Kids in Danger (KID), children’s products are recalled as often as twice a week. This equates to as many as 100 products each year.

Manufacturers who make toys and other items for children aren’t required to publicize recalls though paid media. This is perhaps why many simply issue a press release announcing a recall. This approach reaches very few consumers.

In fact, KID’s research shows that manufacturers who recall their products only recover between 10 and 30 percent of them. This means that most of us likely have a recalled product in our home.

How to find out if a product you own has been recalled

From clothes to toys and everything in between., virtually anything can pose a safety hazard and be recalled. To find out if something you own has been taken off the market, you may want to consult the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Safer Products government websites. There, you can browse or search for products you may have in your home.

What to do if something you own has been recalled

If you determine that a product that you have at home has been removed from the market because it poses a safety risk, then you should immediately discontinue using it. You don’t want to take chances of getting hurt.

Once a product is recalled, you should be able to return the product to the retailer you purchased it from and receive a replacement or refund.

Oftentimes, a product will have caused injuries to more than just a single person before it is ultimately pulled off the market. For situations that involve serious injuries, a Queens personal injury attorney may advise their client of their right to recover medical costs and other damages in their case.

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