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July 2018 Archives

The hardest part of estate planning is not what you may expect

Although it's fairly commonplace to see stories in the news or on television about how things can go wrong at the end of life without an estate plan being in place, there are still an estimated 55 to 65 percent of Americans who don't have even in a will in place. Many don't because they think they don't have enough assets to leave behind for anyone. Others think estate planning is too complex.

Dog bites can leave Queens pedestrians with serious injuries

If you like to head out to the local park to go for a walk, jog, take the kids to play or to ride your bike, then there's a strong likelihood that you may encounter either a stray or aggressive dog. While some attacks may be unavoidable, there are some basic steps you can take avoid one.

There are steps you can take to keep your heirs from fighting

It takes a lifetime to build up a valuable estate. Many people spend 30 years paying off the mortgage on their home, and it can take as long, if not longer, to develop substantial assets and other areas. You likely wish to be the one in control of how your assets get distributed after you die.

Inspectors find that New York City's elevators are unsafe

New York City's Department of Buildings (DOB) estimates that there are as many as 84,000 elevators being operated across the city's five boroughs. While it would be difficult to most to navigate getting to some of the upper floors of New York's highest skyscrapers without them, they can be remarkably unsafe.

Fatal 4: Serious issues construction companies must address

Construction workers face some very unique hazards when they are on the job site. It is imperative that everyone working in this industry is in a safe environment on the job. In order to increase worker safety, employers must ensure they address the "fatal four," i.e., the four most deadly types of accidents for construction workers.