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August 2018 Archives

How can motorists avoid colliding with pedestrians?

Each year, thousands of pedestrians are struck by motorists as they attempt to walk to work, school, in parking lots or in other public spaces. Many suffer catastrophic injuries when a car crashes into them. Some die. Many could have avoided getting hurt had motorists been a bit safer.

Construction sites can be dangerous for workers and pedestrians

Look at the front of any New York City newspaper and you're bound to see a story about another construction worker or passerby who has been struck by some type of heavy equipment, debris or tool near a job site. Whether you're in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or any of the any of the boroughs, there's construction everywhere. Safety violations are being handed out left and right. Innocent people often get hurt in the mix.

All adults should have a health care power of attorney in place

As minors, our parents retain the decision-making power over choices regarding our health, but as soon as most of us turn 18, this ability goes out of the window. As adults, the decision becomes ours alone to decide whether we pursue certain treatment options and what ones those are unless we have a health care power of attorney (H-POA) drafted for us.

Are fears over product liability lawsuits slowing innovators?

A study published late last month by researchers at Harvard Business School suggests that prospective medical device manufacturers may have their innovative inclinations slowed because of a fear of being sued if it doesn't work as intended. At the same time, the researchers found that the rush to patent new ideas continues to be a popular choice of many design firms.