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Construction sites can be dangerous for workers and pedestrians

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Firm News |

Look at the front of any New York City newspaper and you’re bound to see a story about another construction worker or passerby who has been struck by some type of heavy equipment, debris or tool near a job site. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or any of the any of the boroughs, there’s construction everywhere. Safety violations are being handed out left and right. Innocent people often get hurt in the mix.

There are certain considerations both workers and pedestrians must take into account when meandering about or passing by construction sites. As people approach them, it’s important from them to closely observe what’s in front of them. This includes looking for potential construction debris or loads of building materials that may be suspended above their heads.

As a pedestrian approaches a construction site, it’s important for him or her to look around to see if there’s any equipment or machinery being moved around that may serve as a blind spot, tip over or crush them.

While most construction sites in New York are required to have safety personnel or spotters on hand to protect both workers and residents, many take chances and don’t hire them in hopes that they won’t get caught.

Another problem is training. Many workers hired to work on job sites lack proficiency in English necessary to communicate back and forth clearly. Many times, their employers don’t provide them with the necessary equipment to keep themselves and the work site safe. Even when they do, it’s often poorly maintained.

Medical costs and lost wages are just some of the many types of damages that those injured on construction sites can recover. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering as well. A Queens personal injury attorney who is familiar with handling construction accidents can inform you of your rights if you’ve been hurt.

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