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December 2018 Archives

Benefits associated with setting up a special needs trust

While adults of any age can benefit from starting estate planning sooner than later, many wait until they have kids, get divorced, remarried or for other transitional stages in their lives before they begin. If there's anyone that shouldn't wait to plan their estate, parents of special needs children top on the list.

A five-alarm Sunnyside mall fire injures 12

A five-alarm fire broke out early in the morning at a Sunnyside strip mall on Dec. 13. By the time it was finally put out hours later, 12 people were transported to the hospital with injuries. At least seven of those who were hurt were firefighters. Many of the restaurants and other businesses in the Queens shopping center were destroyed.

Staying safe while working outdoors in the New York winter

New York winters, like those seen across much of New England, can be incredibly harsh. Most people have the luxury of escaping into a heated building throughout the day when they work. However, a large number of people in New York work outside, while others have to drive in dangerous inclement weather for their job.

What does it mean to preserve your assets?

For most, one of the first thoughts that goes through an individual's mind when they consider estate planning is drafting their will or some other end-of-life document that relays their final wishes. Many don't realize that it also includes making plans for how your minor or special needs children are going to be cared for once you're gone or how you intend to preserve your assets.