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January 2019 Archives

Your wishes may not be upheld when you prepare your will online

Many think that they can simply go online and learn how to do virtually anything. They tend to think that everything that they find there is written by someone who's qualified to speak authoritatively about it. This is far from the case though,especially when it comes to legal documents, like a will.

Parents don't know the risks teenage drivers take

The number of fatal car accidents involving teenagers is typically disproportionate to the number of teen drivers on the road. They crash at a higher rate than other age groups and many of these accidents are incredibly serious. Even non-fatal wrecks lead to significant injuries, both for teens and others.

Why you should take an ambulance to the hospital post-crash

Should you take yourself to the hospital after a car crash or let an ambulance take you? If you're only bumped and bruised and your car is functional, you may be tempted to take yourself. However, there are many benefits to taking an ambulance to the hospital as opposed to driving yourself.

Time is of the essence when filing subway accident injury claims

Subways stations can be dangerous. First, you have to descend a staircase in order to get the platform, then you have to stand there among crowds waiting as fast-moving trains pass you by. There are even more hazards that you encounter as you move aboard your subway car or once you make it inside. If you've been hurt at a station or on a train, you may be wondering who you can hold accountable to cover your medical bills and other expenses.