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Why you should take an ambulance to the hospital post-crash

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2019 | Firm News |

Should you take yourself to the hospital after a car crash or let an ambulance take you? If you’re only bumped and bruised and your car is functional, you may be tempted to take yourself. However, there are many benefits to taking an ambulance to the hospital as opposed to driving yourself.

Often times symptoms don’t show up immediately following an accident, but instead can take several minutes, hours or days to rear their ugly head. It’s dangerous when people to try to self-diagnose their own injuries. Without medical training, you can’t make accurate assessments about your condition. Without appropriate blood tests or imaging, you can miss something important.

While ambulances are nowhere close to being as well-equipped as a hospital, and paramedics certainly aren’t doctors; they do have life-saving equipment at the ready and the paramedics have received special training that just might save your life.

Another great thing about ambulances is that they have sirens and their drivers are authorized to speed and run red lights to get you the care that you need as fast as possible. If you have a serious issue that develops in the ambulance, you won’t be putting yourself and others at risk as you try to get to the hospital in a hurry.

Car accident victims who are unsure of the extent of their injuries can protect themselves and others from getting hurt by taking an ambulance to the hospital after a crash. If you aren’t sure about the extent of your injuries after a wreck, do yourself a favor and let the professionals handle your transport to the hospital. If it turns out that you’re seriously injured after a crash, you’ll be grateful that you did.

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