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Some Queens intersections are more dangerous than others

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Firm News |

Just last year, researchers with the website published a report on some of the most dangerous intersections in Queens. Some in Jamaica, Flushing, Corona, Ridgewood and Jackson Heights had three-times the pedestrian or cyclist injury or death rates of all other ones in the New York City borough.

The Jamaica intersections deemed to be most dangerous were the ones located on 89th and 90th Avenue between 164th Street and 168th Place. It’s here that at least 351 pedestrians and 46 cyclists were injured. Four people were killed in or around these intersections.

In Flushing, the most dangerous crossroads for pedestrians and bicyclists to pass through were listed as Parsons Boulevard and College Point Avenue between 37th and Franklin avenues. It’s at that intersection that 571 pedestrians and 91 cyclists were hurt. Another 12 were killed.

The Corona intersection that researchers found the most dangerous of all were the ones that lie along Roosevelt and 35th avenues between 94th and 108th streets. It’s at these that some 455 pedestrians and 332 cyclists were injured last year. Nine were killed here.

In Ridgewood, the area where Myrtle and Woodward avenues cross with Forest Avenue and Grove Street came up as the most dangerous intersections in that neighborhood. It’s there that 237 pedestrians and 98 cyclists were hurt. Three were killed.

Finally, in Jackson Heights, the intersections of Broadway and 37th Avenue at Whitney Avenue and from 76th to 84th Street were listed as dangerous. It’s at these intersections that 499 pedestrians and 240 cyclists were injured. Nine were killed.

These crashes most commonly occurred near bridges or train tracks.

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