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March 2019 Archives

A Queens man sues Turkish Airlines for turbulent flight injuries

A Forest Hills man filed a lawsuit against Turkish Airlines on March 11. In his filing, the plaintiff alleges that he suffered serious injuries that resulted in him becoming permanently disabled while on a turbulent flight on March 9. He was traveling between Turkey and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York City that evening.

What's involved in contesting a will in New York?

When a testator drafts a will, they're supposed to detail all of the assets that they own and what their final wishes are as it relates to who they'd like to become the new owner of them. Heirs often don't find out if they're set to receive any of the estate's remaining assets until once the testator has died. By the time they find out what their final wishes were, they're often blindsided by hearing that they're not set to receive anything.

Getting hit on your bike can lead to life-long stress

Cyclists worry about car accidents. It's just a reality of their chosen mode of transportation. In a place like New York, with the packed city streets and the chaos of urban life, there are going to be accidents involving cyclists. Some of these could lead to serious injuries.