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A Queens motorist runs a red light, crashes into a city bus

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Firm News |

A city bus crashed into the storefront of a bagel shop in Queens early in the morning on April 7 injuring several people.

According to a Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) spokesperson, the operator of the Q18 bus was driving along 58th Street nearby its intersection with Woodside Avenue shortly after 5 a.m. It’s around that time that the driver of a passenger car ran a red light and crashed into the side of the bus.

The crash’s impact caused the bus to travel into the storefront of the Bagels Plus store there on the corner.

Luckily, no customers in the store were hurt that morning. The only reason that they weren’t injured is that the owner had decided to delay opening his shop until 6 a.m., instead of its regular 5 a.m. opening time. Most of the workers who had just arrived to work just narrowly missed getting hit.

Workers from the shop quickly ran outside after the incident to see if anyone needed their help. It’s there that they found as many as seven passengers trapped inside the bus. They helped open up the emergency doors so they could escape. Emergency crews helped rescue the bus driver and passengers that were too severely injured to escape through the vehicle’s emergency exit doors.

In the end, the bus driver had to be transported to Elmhurst Hospital with ankle and wrist injuries. All the other passengers who were hurt were treated and released at the crash scene.

A New York City Department of Buildings spokesperson noted that the Queens building that houses the bagel shop appeared to be structurally sound. He noted that they only decided to board it up so necessary repairs could be made to its facade.

Police are continuing their investigation into the crash. It’s unclear if the Honda’s driver will face any criminal charges for having caused the collision.

Reckless driving includes motorists running stop signs or lights, failing to yield to the right of way of others and speeding. It’s often to blame for some of the most serious car crashes. Medical costs and lost wages can quickly mount for those who suffer permanent injuries. An attorney can help you recover compensation for those expenses in your own case.

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