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How do I qualify for SSD benefits?

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Social Security Disability benefits help people who suffer from a disability that prevents them from working. These benefits come from the federal government’s Social Security Administration. There are several requirements you must meet to qualify for the benefits. The SSA is notoriously strict about the requirements, and if you do not meet them, your application will more than likely be denied.

The SSA explains that there are two basic requirements to qualify for SSD benefits. The first is that you need to meet work requirements. This means you have worked in a job that is covered by Social Security. You need to have earned enough credits to get help from the system. To do this, you need to have worked a specific amount of time in recent years. The actual formula and requirements for work credits are complex and change every year, so you always need to check your work credits before applying.

The other requirement is that you have a disability that qualifies for benefits. A disability as the SSA defines it is a condition that will last a year or more or result in death. It also prevents you from working in any capacity even with accommodations. If you work during the year you become disabled, there is a limit on how much you can earn. The amount you can earn changes yearly, so make sure to check into that as well. SSA also carefully looks at your condition to ensure you are unable to currently work and that the condition is on the list of qualifying conditions.

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