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What should I report to Social Security about finding work?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Firm News |

Once Social Security approves your application for disability benefits, you will have to make reports to the agency on anything that may affect your disability payments. While some New York residents remain unemployed for a long while, others are able to find a job while still receiving disability. This has the potential to affect your disability and should not go unreported. 

The Social Security Administration explains that if you are on disability and if you find work, you need to notify the agency about it. Whether an employer hires you or you are self-employed, and even if you earn just a little bit of money, you should let Social Security know. While doing so, the agency also wants information on the number of hours you anticipate working and the times when your work begins and stops. 

Reporting that you have found work does not mean you will lose your disability benefits. Social Security provides a period for people who have qualifying disabilities to still receive disability benefits while working. This period may last for nine months. You should also let Social Security know about work expenses stemming from your disability or if your expenses go up or down. Such expenses include service equipment like a wheelchair or prescription medication. 

Honesty remains the best policy. Providing Social Security with wrong information to continue to receive benefits will result in sanctions against you. An initial violation will stop your benefits for six months. A second violation will deprive you of benefits for 12 months. A third will take away benefits for 24 months. Also, if you are overpaid, Social Security will require you to repay the overpaid amount. 

If you are concerned about losing benefits due to finding work, you may need to ask a professional attorney about your options.

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