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Law Firm Wins Policy for Cyclist

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Firm News |

Brooklyn, NY-May 25, 2020: A client who was on a scooter last year on his way to work was injured when a motorist made a left turn into him, causing him to be knocked off the scooter and sustain serious injuries. The insurance company for the driver denied liability for the accident, arguing that the scooter was traveling in a lane that was not designated for travel. Simon & Gilman, LLP, however, strongly believed in the client’s case, and that the insurance company was taking an unreasonable position. They subsequently filed a lawsuit in Supreme Court. The firm was able to secure video footage of the accident. In early March, a full day of extensive questioning occurred at the depositions of both parties – after which it became clear that the plaintiff’s position on liability became stronger than ever. This caused the insurance company to reconsider its position. As a result, the insurance company just this past month ended up paying the client the maximum amount available under the insurance policy. Last week, the check was mailed to the client.

All the more remarkable is the fact that the settlement for the above client was procured during, and in spite of, the current pandemic. Simon & Gilman, LLP remains fully operational, accessible and open for business, serving all its clients during this important time.

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