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Construction sites present many potential hazards

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Construction Accidents |

A construction site in New York might be a dangerous place to work. Falling objects, wet surfaces and high places all present dangers, so construction workers must be aware of the potential risks they face on the job.

When employees are working at heights, the chance of falling may increase when the footing is unstable. Also, the area where someone works could be quite narrow, which limits mobility. Add these factors to the commonly present danger of human error, and a person might fall. Falls could lead to death.

Structures can collapse for a multitude of reasons. Too much weight, poor construction and failure to adhere to established regulations may lead to structures collapsing. The people standing on the structure aren’t the only ones at risk; those on the ground below, including pedestrians, might be underneath the collapsing structure.

Also presenting risks is electricity. Exposed electrical lines can lead to shocks, and errors such as not cutting power or failing to provide safety equipment may increase dangers.

Constructions site workers may carry heavy loads, which creates risks for injuries. Even one improper lift of massive objects could cause a back injury. Such injuries may make a worker medically unable to go to the job for an extended period.

Hopefully, the construction site’s management provides the necessary safety training to employees. Not all workers may be familiar with vital safety steps specific to a particular job, however. Some workers might be new and lack experience. Quality training programs could improve awareness about good safety practices.

Workers’ compensation might lend assistance to someone out of work due to a construction site injury. Workers may also explore a personal injury suit after any construction accidents. If negligence caused the injuries, a lawsuit might be worth pursuing.

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