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The CVSA’s Brake Safety Week starts August 23

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New York residents should know that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is one organization that strives to improve the safety of commercial trucks on the road. One way it does this is through Brake Safety Week, an annual roadside inspection spree. Truckers are expected to have brakes that meet industry standards, and those who neglect this area will have their rigs put out-of-service.

Brake Safety Week 2020 scheduled to be held in August

The CVSA has scheduled the 2020 Brake Safety Week to take place August 23 to 29 and announced that the focus will be on brake hoses and tubing. These components should be:

• Free of leaks and damage

• Properly attached

• Appropriately flexible

The CVSA has also declared that August is Brake Safety Awareness Month. Raising awareness is a much-needed task, considering how 13.5% of trucks inspected in the 2019 Brake Safety Week were placed out-of-service (OOS). Furthermore, brake systems and adjustment accounted for 45.1% of the OOS violations the CVSA found during its 2019 International Roadcheck.

Truckers can learn which fleets are the safest

Fleets differ in their safety training procedures, policies and so on. So to determine which fleets are the best in terms of these and other elements, the Truckload Carriers Association holds an annual “Best Fleets to Drive For” contest. Truckers may want to glance at the results and understand that their fleet may influence their behavior.

When drivers are injured by a trucker

Poorly maintained brakes are behind many motor vehicle accidents, including those involving large trucks. If you believe that you were injured because a trucker neglected to maintain his or her rig, then you may have a case against the fleet. Filing a claim can be hard work, though, since trucking companies have a legal team that can fight on their behalf. You may want a lawyer to assist with negotiations, taking the case to court as a last resort.

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