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Documenting facts after an accident

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Firm News |

Even the most minor fender bender accident may leave a person feeling rattled and unsure of what to do next. Regularly reviewing the best steps to take after an accident may help give a person a better chance of remembering what to do in this situation. 

Some people find by creating a checklist and storing that list in their glove compartment or other area in their vehicle, they can confidently handle the post-accident time. 

People first, property second 

As recommended by NerdWallet, taking stock of any potential injuries to drivers, passengers, pedestrians or others in the area should take precedence over anything else. If injuries result from the accident, people should immediately call for medical assistance. 

Find a safe location

When an accident happens in the middle of a road, vehicles and people should move to a safer area, such as a nearby parking lot, if possible. They should remain in those safe zones until help arrives. 

Filing a police report

WalletHub indicates that calling for police assistance may help in even minor crash scenarios. A police report may go a long way toward helping the investigation later on. While waiting for police, people should talk to any witnesses and get their full contact information. 

Document with good photos

Most people today have phones with cameras with them at all times. These phones prove useful after an accident by allowing a person to take photos of any vehicles involved, road conditions, street signs and other elements that an insurance investigator or other professional may ask about when assessing liability and other issues. 

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