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Accident-related mouth injuries may require specialist care

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Firm News |

Car accident injuries are not exactly rare in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the number of non-fatal car accident injuries to be roughly three million every single year. While some of these injuries are minor and heal on their own, others change lives forever.

In any car accident, you are vulnerable to a variety of injuries, ranging from whiplash to organ damage or even death. If your mouth smashes into the steering wheel or another object, you may also sustain a serious injury to your teeth, tongue or larynx. These accident-related mouth injuries often require specialist care.

Teeth injuries

Your teeth play a critical role in eating, talking and making you look like you. Unfortunately, the impact from a car accident may cause teeth to shift, break or even detach. If you have a major tooth injury, an emergency room physician may refer you to a surgical dentist. To restore your appearance, you may also need to consult with a cosmetic dentist or even a plastic surgeon.

Tongue injuries

Because the tongue has five cranial nerves running through it, even small tongue injuries can be extremely painful. If you bite through your tongue during a car crash, though, you are likely to need emergency medical care. You may also have to undergo surgery to repair an accident-related tongue amputation.

Larynx injuries

The larynx in your throat encases your vocal cords and facilitates breathing. If a car accident includes a blow to your throat, you may lose your ability to speak. An ENT surgeon may repair damage, while a speech and language pathologist or therapist may help you regain your speaking voice.

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