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What protective gear should construction workers wear?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

When you work at construction sites in New York, you face a higher risk of injury than workers in other industries. Working at heights and around heavy machinery and equipment are just some hazards you may encounter each day.

Protecting your health and well-being will enable you to work productively and effectively without compromising your safety. Keeping yourself safe requires consistent use of personal protective equipment designed with your job in mind.

Helmet and eyewear

Protecting your head should be one of the first things you think about when you get to work. Invest in a good hard hat that has a customized fit to your head. When you spend the time to make sure your helmet fits properly, you can ensure it provides optimal protection if you fall or get hit in the head.

You will also want to invest in glasses to protect your eyes from debris. In fact, Princeton University suggests wearing a full face shield for specific jobs such as grinding, cutting or chipping. Working near chemicals can irritate your skin and eyes so in addition to protecting your face, make sure to wear durable gloves.

Footwear and harness

Steel toe work boots can optimize your protection against falling objects, puncture wounds, lacerations and burns among other things. In addition, a comfortable and high-quality shoe can increase your comfort and reduce unnecessary strain on your feet and ankles.

If your job requires you to work above ground, wear a safety harness at all times. Staying tethered to something sturdy can provide more stability and peace of mind. If you do suffer injuries in a workplace accident, wearing adequate personal protective equipment may be the difference in your survival and quality of life.

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