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Aging New Yorkers at highest risk for pedestrian fatalities

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The average New Yorker walks more than the average resident of any other state, according to recent data. All that walking is good for health and the environment but can lead to pedestrian accidents. Older residents are particularly at risk.

What is being done to reduce pedestrian fatalities in the city?

Risks to pedestrians on New York streets

Poor choices by drivers cause about 70% of pedestrian fatalities in New York. Older New Yorkers, who account for 12% of the city’s population, are the victims of about half of all fatal pedestrian accidents.

What the city is doing to make the streets safer

The Department of Transportation takes a safe systems approach to reduce pedestrian fatalities in New York. The DOT’s street design projects seek to reduce the opportunities for speeding and aggressive driving in the city. As part of the Vision Zero safety initiative, The Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plans, such as the Safe Streets for Seniors program, established priority corridors, areas and intersections in each borough along with an action plan for tackling the highest risks in each area.

Actions pedestrians can take to increase safety

About 75% of all crashes occur at intersections. Traffic that is turning left is particularly dangerous for pedestrians. Pedestrians should always watch for turning cars.  Additionally, always look for vehicles and bicycles, even if the street is a one-way street or you are crossing with a traffic signal.

Seniors often need more time to cross the road than younger pedestrians. As a senior pedestrian, stay alert and give yourself plenty of time to safely cross dangerous intersections.

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