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How do brain injuries affect your risk of stroke?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2021 | Personal Injury |

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may have to worry about complications. One of the most catastrophic complications is stroke.

According to WebMD, traumatic brain injuries may increase your stroke risk.

How to determine stroke risk

A review of 18 studies in four different countries showed that people who suffer from a TBI at some point in their life have a higher likelihood than other patients to have a stroke. In fact, TBI patients may have an 86% higher risk of stroke.

In the first four months after a TBI, you have the highest risk of stroke. During this period of time, your doctor should educate you on the risk of stroke. Your stroke factor does not depend on the severity of the injury. Patients with a mild TBI still have the same risk. About 70% to 90% of all TBI patients have a mild injury. However, most TBIs may be chronic, even if the patient recovered well.

How to reduce stroke risk

One way to reduce the risk of stroke is for doctors to educate on the risk of stroke. You should know the symptoms of stroke to prepare if it happens. Identifying a stroke earlier can save your life. In addition, the use of blood thinners and statins can reduce your risk of stroke. Some studies also show that antidepressant use could increase your risk. Your doctor should take steps in the first four months following your injury to decrease your stroke risk.

Over 60 million people suffer from TBIs every year, but stroke can affect any TBI patient.

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