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What do you know about the signs of internal bleeding?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After a recent motor vehicle collision, you may have trouble discerning regular aches and pains from injury symptoms directly related to the accident. Could you have internal bleeding and not know it?

WebMD explores symptoms of internal bleeding resulting from trauma. Find out whether you need professional medical attention and if you should seek damages from the at-fault party.

Abdominal swelling

Do you notice swelling or discomfort in your abdominal area? If so, your liver may have suffered trauma that triggered internal bleeding. Left unaddressed, the swelling and pain may worsen.


If you feel faint, lightheaded or dizzy, do not brush the sensations off. Such symptoms occur after a person loses enough blood from trauma that triggers internal bleeding.

Skin discoloration

Examine every inch of your skin for discoloration. You may have bleeding in your soft tissues and skin if you notice large patches of purple on your body.

Blacking out

Losing consciousness or experiencing headaches or seizures may point to internal bleeding. Specifically, you may have a brain bleed.

Leg pain

Do you experience leg tightness, inflammation or discomfort? If so, you may have internal bleeding in your thigh. This could result from fracturing your thighbone, so have a physician examine you.

Treatment options

If you seek medical attention for the above symptoms and learn you have internal bleeding, you may wonder about your treatment options. Healthcare professionals may administer fluids or give you blood transfusions to level out your blood pressure or keep your pressure from dropping.

A doctor may keep you under observation to see if the bleeding takes care of itself. Severe internal bleeding may require a procedure.

You should not dismiss any confirmed or suspected injuries after a car accident. Doing so may jeopardize your health and your right to compensation.

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