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Bicycle deliveries put pedestrians at risk

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Bike-based deliveries have been a reality of urban life for generations. With the popularity of take-out apps, however, more high-speed cyclists travel the streets of Queens than ever before.

Learn how the prevalence of food deliveries on bikes can put pedestrians at risk for serious injuries.

Factors in bike-pedestrian accidents

Many restaurants and apps rely on delivery workers who ride electric bikes. These motorized vehicles operate at much higher speeds than traditional bicycles while retaining the same privileges. The increased speed also increases the chances of serious injury for pedestrians involved in collisions with this type of vehicle.

As New York City has added hundreds of miles of bike lanes in recent years, these paths sometimes protect cyclists from cars while placing pedestrians in harm’s way. For example, some bike lanes overlap with existing walkways and passenger loading zones.

Steps to stay safe

As a pedestrian, remember your responsibility to share the road. You should only enter the street at designated crosswalks. Otherwise, remain on sidewalks and walkways whenever possible. In areas with no sidewalks, stay as far away from vehicles as possible and face oncoming traffic.

Avoid traveling by foot at night. If you have no choice, wear reflective tape on your clothes or carry a flashlight. Make eye contact with drivers to confirm that they see you before you enter the road. Stay off your phone to remain alert.

If you experience an injury in a bike accident as a pedestrian, you may be able to seek legal compensation for your medical bills and other associated expenses.

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