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Questions insurance companies ask after auto accidents and why you should not answer them

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

An auto wreck is a traumatic event. Painful though it may be, the moment of impact is only the beginning. A dance will follow over who is at fault and must pay for the damage.

According to Forbes, State Farm is the largest auto insurer in America. Dozens more operate on a smaller scale. A representative from one is bound to contact you after the collision. There are many questions this insurance adjuster will ask that you should not answer.

Questions that auto insurance adjusters ask

The insurance company employee will act as though answers are obligatory. Know that your responses are voluntary and could prove troublesome during a trial.

The adjuster will want to know how the crash occurred. By answering, you are locking yourself into one version of events. Keep in mind that your recall might be inaccurate due to shock.

Do not respond to queries about whether you have any physical damage. It is likely soon after the crash, and injuries sometimes develop over time.

Decline to provide the contact information of eyewitnesses. You do not know how they perceive what happened, and their testimony could work against you.

How to refuse questions that auto insurance adjusters ask

A representative might try guilting you into providing information. State that you are currently unwilling to discuss the accident. If you need medical treatment, say that you will respond after visiting a physician. The easiest option is to let a legal representative handle this chat for you.

Speaking with insurance adjusters can disadvantage you during litigation. When in doubt, stay silent.

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