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3 leading causes of slip and fall accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Slip, Trip And Fall |

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries. You may think if you fell, it was because you were clumsy.

If you fall after tripping or slipping, one of these three conditions likely caused your accident.

1. Wet or slippery surfaces

A wet or slippery surface makes it hard to maintain footing as you are walking across it. The ground or sidewalk can become hazardous due to rain or snow storm weather. Other incidents such as a leaking or busted pipe that floods the walkway with water can occur. If the temperature is below freezing, this results in ice. If you see ice or water on a surface, you should avoid walking on it as this is a leading cause of slipping and falling.

2. Uneven floors or sidewalks

You can easily trip and fall if you encounter an uneven floor or walkway. Loose or raised carpeting causes a hazard while you walk indoors. On outside surfaces, sidewalks tend to crack and buckle, creating sudden changes in the level you walk on. Bumps from cracks are a common cause for losing your footing as you are walking.

3. Loose cords or wires

If someone leaves wires or cords out across a pathway, these can cause you to trip and fall. As you walk, you may run into the line, and it will attach to your foot, causing you to trip when you try to move forward.

Often, slip and fall hazards are maintenance issues caused by the property owner’s neglect.

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