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Red-light-running, road deaths increasing in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Traffic fatalities are on the rise across New York City and the rest of the nation, and so, too, is the number of drivers who are blowing through red lights at signaled intersections. Research suggests a clear link between the rising number of road deaths in New York City and the rising number of red-light runners. This indicates that city safety officials must do more to reduce red-light crashes and fatal car crashes, in general.

According to the New York Post, February 2022 was the deadliest February on New York City roadways of any year since 2008.

Road death statistics

In February 2022, 23 people died in crashes on New York City roadways. This is more than twice the number of road deaths seen during February 2021. It also includes driver, passenger, pedestrian and cyclist fatalities, some of which were the result of drivers running red lights.

Red-light-running statistics

The number of motorists blowing through red lights is also on the rise. Drivers received more than twice the number of red-light violations during the second half of 2021 than they did during the same span two years earlier.  While city officials have tested red-light cameras and proven their effectiveness at reducing red-light crashes, many believe there are not nearly enough of these cameras within city limits. State laws currently allow for just 150 red-light cameras in the city. However, there are 13,250 intersections with traffic signals throughout New York City.

Research shows that a disproportionate number of deadly crashes in New York take place either after dark or in city school zones.

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