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Bus accident results in seven injured and insurance questions

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In an emergency situation like a motor vehicle accident, minutes are precious. In the aftermath, though, there are plenty of weeks and months ahead for those injured to recover and sort through the complicated matters of insurance coverage.

This process becomes more complicated the more parties the accident involves. American Post reports on an accident that involved three vehicles including a city bus.

The accident

Brooklyn bystanders removed a 67-year-old driver from his vehicle after an accident involving a collision between him and an MTA city bus. The collision forced his vehicle into a third truck. Witnesses claim the man attempted to pass the bus on the left.

It is unclear in the reporting whether authorities had a clear idea of which driver was at fault. Thankfully, the accident was not fatal but emergency personnel took seven people to the area hospital for injuries of minor and serious severity.

The insurance puzzle

Each person injured in this accident may or may not have auto or medical insurance and the various companies will need to reference the evidence and come to conclusions about who covers what. A complicating factor is the New York MTA bus, which will most likely involve employee and vehicle insurance.

Every driver on busy New York roads has a lot to keep track of but can only do so much. When negligence is at play in an accident, it is up to motorists to pursue compensation that helps get their life back on track. There is more information and other resources available for those people needing to negotiate with insurance companies about appropriate coverage.

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