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Can you get a brain injury from a fall?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Slip, Trip And Fall |

Slip and fall incidents often get attributed to older people who have accidents in their own homes. However, slip and fall incidents can happen to anyone of any age, in any location.

On top of that, these falls can actually have enormous health impacts and consequences that can last a long time.

How slip and falls cause brain trauma

Mayo Clinic discusses trauma to the brain. This can occur for any number of reasons, but surprisingly, many incidents of brain injury come from slip and fall incidents.

For example, a person could walk across a concrete floor that recently got mopped but does not have proper warning signs and end up slipping. If they do not catch themselves in time, they could easily crack their head against the concrete.

This can result in concussive damage. Many victims of slip and falls do hit their heads on the ground in some way. In particular, it is common for these people to hit the back of their head, though it is also possible to hit the front or the side depending on how one falls.

Factors that influence damage

Concussive damage and brain trauma in these cases can vary greatly depending on several factors like the strength behind the hit, the distance to the floor, the type of ground a person fell on and so on. Some people may end up with mild damage, while others can face a potentially large amount of trauma.

It is important for anyone who suffered from a slip and fall incident to get medical help immediately. This can potentially prevent a head injury from going undiagnosed.

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