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Is it safe to drive during the wintertime?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving during the wintertime in New York might give you a panic attack at times. Slippery conditions, low visibility and other traffic hazards may cause angst and impair your control.

You can continue to drive during wintertime; however, it is wise to reevaluate your habits.  Knowing how to responsibly operate your vehicle in wintry conditions may improve your confidence.

Map a route

Map a route to where you plan to go, especially if you plan to travel in an unfamiliar area. Trying to read road signs and find freeway exits while navigating dicey weather conditions is often a recipe for disaster. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that when driving during winter, you also leave earlier than you typically would, to allow enough time to reach your destination.

Check maintenance

Check the maintenance on your vehicle. Ensure your tires have enough tread to safely operate in snowy and slippery conditions. Make sure your lights function properly and you do not have any burned-out bulbs. Replace worn windshield wipers and make sure you have a snow brush in your vehicle.

Stay prepared

While you should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle, it is wise to update it during the winter. Pack extra snacks, water, warm clothing and blankets. Make sure you have a functioning flashlight. You might also consider tire chains or cat litter for situations where you might need extra traction.

Your preparation and heightened vigilance during the winter can help you stay safe while you drive. In serious storms, consider alternative options for traveling so you can avoid the roads altogether.

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