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3 tips for working with heavy construction equipment

If you are new to the construction industry in Elmhurst, you may have heard about all the various dangers construction workers face. Yet, you may not be familiar with all the safety tips that you need. In general, construction sites are filled with hazards. On a daily basis, you will face electrocution, the threat of falling objects, dangers from heavy equipment or even trench collapses.

You should always report a slip-and-fall accident immediately

With winter weather comes accumulation of ice and snow on sidewalks, in parking lots and around buildings. There are a host of hazards associated with winter weather, from increased risk of motor vehicle collisions to the potential for ice or snow to fall on you from a building and injure you. One of the more common accidents related to winter weather is the slip-and-fall.

Winter brings the threat of falling ice or snow on sidewalks

Winter in New York can be incredibly beautiful. Shop decorations, mounds of snow icing the fabulous architecture of the city and bright lights can all make for a spectacular visual experience. Sadly, some of the very things that make the winter season beautiful and thrilling can also put citizens in danger of a severe, even fatal accident.

You can take steps now to prevent a contest to your will

You see it all the time in the news when celebrities or the very wealthy die. Their family members, heirs and even business partners or friends end up challenging the estate plan or last will. This can lead to a lengthy battle in probate court. Assets that you intended to go to loved ones could end up paying for attorney fees and court costs related to protecting your last wishes.

Man injured in fall wins lawsuit against Walmart

When you suffer an injury due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, it is only natural to expect that person, company or other entity to take responsibility. For example, if an employee was waxing the floor at your local Elmhurst supermarket, there should be signs or barriers warning customers to stay away from or be careful in the area. However, if there are no warning signs and a customer slips and falls, the store could be liable for any injuries that customer suffers.

4 hazards to watch out for on a construction site

Working in the construction industry in New York comes with an endless amount of dangers. In fact, you might spend almost as much time on a job site dodging potential accidents as you do working. From unstable trenches to a novice with questionable driving skills operating a forklift, hazards lurk around every corner.

Take steps to avoid any contest to your last wills and estates

A contested last will is a nightmare. It can drag an estate through probate, taking months and resulting in thousands of dollars going to court costs and other fees. For the testator, the person who created the will, having those last wishes contested in court is a final insult. Generally, if you take the time to create an estate plan or a last will, you do it because you want to see your assets divided a certain way.

Uneven sidewalks could result in major injury or even death

When people think of premises liability in New York, they often think of slip-and-fall accidents or cases of falling ice from tall buildings. One aspects that receives far less attention is the liability associated with sidewalks and their proper maintenance. A lot of people assume that sidewalks are the responsibility of the city, but that is only partially true.