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3 reasons why intersections are dangerous for drivers

Every day, when you get into your vehicle, you choose to set aside the potential risk involved with driving or riding in a car. Even if you're driving only on surface streets and not the highway, there is still a very real risk of a potentially injurious or fatal collision. In fact, the more intersections you travel through, the greater your potential risk may become, regardless of the posted speed limit.

Motorcyclists: Follow these veteran biker safety tips

The longer you ride a motorcycle, the more tricks you learn. Some of these tricks you may learn from your fellow riding buddies, some you may learn from taking a motorcycle safety course -- which you should do at least once a year if you're an avid biker -- and some you might learn from reading an article just like this.

Your rights after becoming injured in a New York hotel room

When becoming injured on a premises such as a shopping mall, restaurant or movie theatre, the rules are quite clear: It is the responsibility of the premises in question to ensure the safety of all of its guests, whether it is preventing slips and falls, to making sure all food and drinks are safe to consume.

Pool owners are responsible to keep their guests safe

As the winter weather begins to thaw, swimming pools and the enormous amount of fun they bring begin to enter our radars in New York. However, pools also present real dangers to visiting guests. Regardless of whether the pool is being used at any given moment, the owners of pools need to take precautions to keep visitors safe. The negligence of owners to take necessary safety precautions is not only an error in judgment, it's unlawful and will open up the pool owner to liability issues in the event of a serious accident.

Building collapse: A serious risk to construction workers

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration lists four of the biggest risks to construction workers, which it calls the "fatal four." Few people will feel surprised to learn that falls are the biggest risk, responsible for nearly 39 percent of construction in 2016. Getting struck by an object, such as falling materials or electrocutions, are also major risks.

4 times you need to update your estate plan

If you do not already have an estate plan, it is past time to start the process, but never too late. However, if you do already have an estate plan, you may need to update it. Wills and other estate planning tools need periodic updates in order to continue to be relevant.

What is a loss of consortium claim?

Loss of consortium is a legal term used to describe a specific type of damages suffered by the spouses of personal injury plaintiffs. Essentially, loss of consortium works like this: An individual suffers a catastrophic an debilitating injury, which indirectly causes injury to his or her spouse due to the loss of the various benefits received through marriage.

Understanding the dangers of distracted drivers on the road

Most people are aware of the risk involved with distracted driving, but far too many people think that they can manage a vehicle and distractions simultaneously. People can think that driving distracted is a bad idea and still decide to read or compose a text while driving, get into an argument with a passenger or eat a burrito while merging into traffic.