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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Getting hit on your bike can lead to life-long stress

Cyclists worry about car accidents. It's just a reality of their chosen mode of transportation. In a place like New York, with the packed city streets and the chaos of urban life, there are going to be accidents involving cyclists. Some of these could lead to serious injuries.

Some Queens intersections are more dangerous than others

Just last year, researchers with the website published a report on some of the most dangerous intersections in Queens. Some in Jamaica, Flushing, Corona, Ridgewood and Jackson Heights had three-times the pedestrian or cyclist injury or death rates of all other ones in the New York City borough.

Why you should take an ambulance to the hospital post-crash

Should you take yourself to the hospital after a car crash or let an ambulance take you? If you're only bumped and bruised and your car is functional, you may be tempted to take yourself. However, there are many benefits to taking an ambulance to the hospital as opposed to driving yourself.

A Flushing bus company has safety issues after a fatal crash

Three people died, 17 were injured and the facade of a restaurant was destroyed when a private tour bus ran a red light at the intersection of Main Street and Northern Blvd., crashing into a city bus in Flushing during September of last year. While you'd think that it would only take a single crash to motivate the bus owner to clean up their act, a recent review of federal records shows that little has changed for them.

There are many reasons why truck accidents rose in 2017

In October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published data from its Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS.) It showed that in 2017, most types of fatal motor vehicle accidents decreased. This includes speed-related and drunk-driving crashes. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and large trucks crashes went up as did crash rates in urban areas. Researchers have attempted to make sense of these increases.