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Construction sites can be dangerous for workers and pedestrians

Look at the front of any New York City newspaper and you're bound to see a story about another construction worker or passerby who has been struck by some type of heavy equipment, debris or tool near a job site. Whether you're in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or any of the any of the boroughs, there's construction everywhere. Safety violations are being handed out left and right. Innocent people often get hurt in the mix.

Are fears over product liability lawsuits slowing innovators?

A study published late last month by researchers at Harvard Business School suggests that prospective medical device manufacturers may have their innovative inclinations slowed because of a fear of being sued if it doesn't work as intended. At the same time, the researchers found that the rush to patent new ideas continues to be a popular choice of many design firms.

Dog bites can leave Queens pedestrians with serious injuries

If you like to head out to the local park to go for a walk, jog, take the kids to play or to ride your bike, then there's a strong likelihood that you may encounter either a stray or aggressive dog. While some attacks may be unavoidable, there are some basic steps you can take avoid one.

Inspectors find that New York City's elevators are unsafe

New York City's Department of Buildings (DOB) estimates that there are as many as 84,000 elevators being operated across the city's five boroughs. While it would be difficult to most to navigate getting to some of the upper floors of New York's highest skyscrapers without them, they can be remarkably unsafe.

How to prove that negligent security resulted in your injuries

If you go into the grocery store, bank or public places nowadays, you'll often see an armed guard working either inside or outside of the establishment. If you're wondering why there's been an uptick in the number of businesses using security in recent years, it has a lot to do with companies' fears of being sued.