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Do You Recommend that A Purchaser Obtain Title Insurance?

Purchasing real property is typically a complex, lengthy, and often confusing, process. It is also frequently the single biggest purchase you will make over the course of your lifetime. Part of the reason why the home buying process takes so long is that there are a number of important legal steps involved in the purchase of real property. One of those steps is usually the purchase of title insurance. In fact, we strongly recommend that a purchaser obtain title insurance to protect their investment. To understand why title insurance is recommended it helps to understand what title insurance is and how it protects you and your money.

Do Landlords and Tenants Have to Have a Written Lease Agreement in New York?

If you are planning to rent a property in New York, or are already a renter, you should have a lease agreement with your landlord. One questions that tenants often have is " Do landlords and tenants have to have a written lease agreement in New York? " In most cases a written lease agreement is not required; however, there are a variety of reasons why you should reduce your lease agreement to written instead of depending on an oral agreement.