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Know Your Rights If You Are Injured In A Construction Accident

New Yorkers know that their city is constantly under construction. Queens and the city’s other boroughs frequently make improvements to its streets. Developers build and renovate properties. While this can lead to better neighborhoods and a more vibrant metro area, the risk of construction site injuries is always present — and not just for construction workers. If you were injured in or near a construction zone, the construction accident attorneys at our firm, Simon & Gilman, LLP, have the experience necessary to fight to see that you are properly compensated for your injuries.

Potential Dangers At Construction Sites

Although most general contractors and developers take appropriate safety precautions, sometimes a significant hazard is overlooked. Common hazards found at construction sites that can cause serious injuries include:

  • Unsecured or improperly secured scaffolding
  • Pipes, boards or other construction materials left exposed at street level
  • Tools or construction materials that fall from scaffolding or an unfinished building
  • Electrical tools or power sources that are not properly grounded or shut down
  • Cranes operated by poorly trained workers or installed with defective parts

Construction injury cases can be complex, involving insurance companies or third-party subcontractors in the accident situation. Our attorneys have 90 years of collective experience representing clients and recovering compensation to help them get better.

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