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21-year-old woman dies in car accident on her birthday

It's every parent's worst nightmare: outliving your children. That nightmare often involves vehicular accidents, which are a leading cause of death among children, teenagers and young adults. Tragically, a young woman from Williamsburg died when her allegedly drunk friend was driving her home on her 21st birthday.

Dashboard cameras can help you after a car accident

As video cameras have become more precise, smaller and more affordable, people have begun integrating them into a number of locations to improve their safety, peace of mind and quality of life. One of the smartest places to put a camera is on the dashboard or rearview mirror of your vehicle. This ensures that you have accurate, indisputable footage of a traffic accident, should you become the victim of someone else's poor driving habits. If you are severely injured or need to go to court to recover your losses from the accident, the footage captured by your dashboard camera could be invaluable.

5 ways to stay safer as a pedestrian in New York

New York is an active state, and you're used to walking from place to place. Despite the fact that more pedestrians are on the roads, you still worry that you could be involved in an accident. As a parent with children, knowing that you could leave your kids behind if you're hit and killed is a horrible thought. How can you stay safer? Here are five tips to staying safe when you're a pedestrian.

7 key risk factors for teen drivers

It's a commonly repeated refrain - teen drivers are among the most dangerous on the roads. It's why some parents are reluctant to let them get their driver's licenses, and why teens have to pay more for auto insurance. But it's important to look deeper than that, to understand why this demographic group of drivers are such a risk.

Protecting yourself as a driver in New York is tricky business

For those who have been involved in an automobile accident, proceeding without the guidance of an attorney can be difficult. On the one hand, failing to properly report a claim in the required timeframe after an accident may invalidate your insurance coverage. On the other hand, anything you say when reporting the claim to insurers, law enforcement, or other involved parties may follow you to the courtroom if the incident leads to litigation.

Mother Dies in Hit-and-Run Incident After Saving Daughter

Some may recall the Connecticut mother who pushed her seven-year-old daughter to safety before she was struck and killed in a hit-and-run incident. The 40-year-old woman was crossing Springdale Avenue in Meriden with her daughter when she spotted the oncoming vehicle and reacted.

Road debris responsible for over 200,000 car crashes in U.S.

We've all been there. At one time or another we find ourselves driving down the highway only to notice a minivan or truck up ahead with a mattress or other piece of furniture haphazardly attached to the vehicle. It wobbles, it sways, and we do our best to get as far away from that vehicle as possible.

Who is liable in a drunk driving crash? Here's one surprising answer.

A recent case involving a Hooters restaurant, a drunken patron and a police officer is gaining national attention. The players are enough to catch most people's attention and the issue is one that impacts families throughout the country.