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How can a DWI affect your employment?

When most New York residents worry about their drunk driving charges, they focus on the stiff fines, the revocation of driving privileges and increased insurance premiums that can result from conviction. However, there's another insidious result of a drunk driving charge that can follow conviction: the loss of job opportunities.

Do smartphone Breathalyzer applications work?

For the cost of about $50, you can own a special device that attaches to your smartphone that functions as a pocket Breathalyzer device. The companies that build these apps say they can help you make better decisions when you're trying to figure out if you should drive home or call Uber. The question is: Do they work?

What is Lendra's law?

Leandra Rosado was a young girl who passed away in a drunk driving accident. In honor of the 11-year-old's passing, the New York State Legislature created Leandra's law and enacted it on Nov. 18, 2009. The law requires those who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

Man accused of DWI purchases 900 copies of hometown paper

A man charged with DWI in Wayne County told arresting officers he didn't want his picture in the paper after getting accused of drunk driving. He ended up buying roughly 1,000 copies of the paper after news of his arrest was published, so he would be less exposed in the press. The arrested man serves as vice president of an insurance company, and has also worked in the banking industry.

How much is safe to drink before driving?

With Christmas only a few days away, a lot of seasonal partiers want to know how much is safe to drink before they get behind the wheel. However, the answer to this question will differ from person to person. It will also depend on how much food the person has in his or her system, the weight of the person, how much time was spent between drinks and the type of alcoholic beverage being consumed.

Nephew of Martin Scorsese accused of drunk driving

The 41-year-old nephew of enigmatic Hollywood film director Martin Scorsese has been arrested and accused of drunk driving. The incident happened in late November in Oakwood Heights. Frank Scorsese was pulled over by officers after they claim to have seen him swerving in traffic. Police further claim that the man drove up onto a sidewalk before they finally pulled him over at approximately 11 p.m.

What kind of driving impairment violations exist in New York?

For a lot of New York criminal defendants, navigating our state's legal system can be difficult and confusing. However, the first step in staying out of trouble is to know and be familiar with the laws. This article will discuss one of the most important criminal violations that New York residents should be aware of related to drugs, alcohol and driving.

Tips for preventing drunk driving accidents

New York drivers should be doing everything they can to prevent drunk driving accidents. The single best way to do that is to not drink alcohol beverages before getting into a car, period. This is obvious. However, there are also some other things that drivers and party hosts can do to prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening.