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What steps should I take if I'm bitten by a dog in Queens?

In an area as congested as New York City, where yards are limited, it forces dog owners and their pets onto the busy sidewalks for exercise or seeking a green space to use the bathroom. While most dogs may be trained to be sociable, given the right stimuli, such as a threatening or stressful situation, they can snap in a second and bite.

A New York fertility clinic is sued for not genetic testing eggs

A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against Reproductive Medicine Associates on Thursday, Nov. 16. The suit alleges that they didn't test donor eggs for Fragile X and other genetic medical conditions prior to implanting donor eggs in the wombs of at least two of its patients in 2009.

The widow of a city street sweeper receives a $41.5 million award

The wife of a deceased 43-year-old New York City sanitation worker was awarded $41.5 million in damages on Tuesday, Oct. 24. The 18-year veteran with the city's sanitation department was making repairs to his own sweeper when his fellow employee lost control of one of his own.

A 60-year-old sun panel installer falls to his death in Queens

A Queens construction worker, who'd been working on the roof of an area home on Thursday, Oct. 19, fell to his death at around 11:30 a.m. The Corona home that the 60-year-old electrician had been working at was being fitted with solar panels at the time of his fall.

Construction worker trapped under Bobcat machine in Queens

A construction worker suffered critical injuries when a Bobcat machine fell, crushing the man beneath it on Friday, Sept. 22 in Queens. The incident happened just before 1:45 p.m., at the intersection of 46th Street and Northern Boulevard. Signs at the Sunnyside construction site show that a ventilation facility for the New York City subway system is being erected at the location where the incident occurred.

Suing your car's manufacturer if you're injured in a crash

A defective product is anything that poses a danger of injury or death. Thousands of Americans are harmed using defective products each year. In some cases, an item isn't properly labeled with the necessary warnings to ensure that its user properly handles it. In other cases, the product functions differently from the way it was intended to, resulting in an individual being hurt.

Proving negligence in dog bite cases in New York

In the 12 years leading up to 2015, it's reported the average homeowners' insurance claim filed over a dog bite nearly doubled from the prior years' rates. Currently, the average claim comes in at $44,320. This amount causes New York to rank third in terms of the highest dog bite claims states.

Female amputee struck by train sues New York's Transit Authority

A young Brazilian woman has filed a lawsuit against New York's Metro Transit Authority (MTA) for undisclosed damages. The architecture student, now 21, alleges that the regulator's failure to install barriers along its subway platforms has led to countless individuals either dying or suffering significant injuries that have greatly derailed their career plans.

Queens residents sue Metro Transit Authority for lead paint risk

A small group of Queens residents filed a class action lawsuit on Monday, May 22, 2017 against the New York Metro Transit Authority (MTA). They allege that the commuter rail system has repeatedly failed to protect residents and business people from being showered with specs of lead paint as they walk under the MTA's 7 line railway as they move about their Jackson Heights neighborhood.