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Did you get hurt in an elevator while shopping?

Living in the city means working, living and recreating in tall buildings - and that means you probably use elevators throughout the day. It's also likely you take the safety of those elevators for granted. It's rare that you hear of someone involved in an elevator-related accident, and even rarer that you hear of someone hurt or killed in an elevator incident. Nevertheless, these situations do happen.

'Tis the season for crazy shopping crowds -- stay safe out there

While we've made it through the madness of Black Friday for this year, the crazy shopping season is long from over, and with it come some very specific increased risks. For us here in New York, sooner or later the snow that's been hanging out over Buffalo will drift our way and make the roads icier and more prone to accidents.

3 tips for staying safe on the job during the winter months

Winter can be a dangerous time for workers who perform their jobs outside. Construction jobs are particularly dangerous due to cold winds, dropping temperatures, snow and ice. Here are some tips for staying safe on the job and taking steps to prevent accidents.