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New York implements safety plan to help protect pedestrians

Being a pedestrian here in New York City can mean taking your life in your hands, as we all know. The same is true throughout the state. That's why Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a new comprehensive pedestrian safety plan -- the New York State Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. It's the first of its kind in New York and is scheduled to run through the 2020 state fiscal year.

What every New York resident should know about animal bites

Even in an urban setting like Queens, it is not uncommon for residents to encounter animals. They can be pets like cats and dogs or pests like rats and mice. Whatever the case, it is wise to be cautious around any animal that you are not already familiar with. Animal bites can cause not just immediate pain and injury, but also infection which can get worse if left unattended.

New York Law provides another good reason why drivers should stow their cellphones

Prior to the widespread passage of state drunk driving laws, many drivers didn't give a second though to getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Even after the dangers of drinking and driving were well established, it wasn't until law enforcement officers began using Breathalyzer tests to quickly establish that a driver was intoxicated that drunk driving rates began to dramatically fall.