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Posts tagged "Construction accidents"

Construction workers at risk for heat-related injuries

Summers in New York are brutal for construction workers. Heat and humidity make a potentially deadly combination for workers. If they can work summer construction safely in other cities, we can do it here, too. Whether you're working 40 stories up, or out in the open on a freeway, it takes preparation to stay safe.

When is a lack of safety at a construction site criminal?

It is not surprising the some construction sites are safer than others. But just when does a lack of safety warrant criminal charges? A construction site boss in New York may soon provide the answer to this question. The man is facing manslaughter and other criminal charges after a worker fell six stories to his death.

Stay safe during New York construction season

While most construction workers appreciate the warmer weather, it can be a sign of increased risk, as well. Warmer weather means more work and more income for most construction workers. However since construction work is one of the more dangerous occupations, increased work means an increased chance of suffering a serious construction accident.