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When it comes to property matters, even an experienced property owner can face issues that require legal intervention. Landlords and tenants can find themselves in disputes over any number of circumstances regarding rent, or buyers and sellers of properties can have disagreements over the transfer of deeds and ownership stakes.

A real estate lawyer, such as those at our law firm — Simon & Gilman, LLP — can be a valuable asset for any party in a real estate dispute. Whether your concerns are with commercial real estate, such as an apartment building or business, or a residential real estate transaction, our lawyers are eager to work with you.

Don’t Know Where To Turn? We Can Help.

Because New York real estate law can be difficult to grasp, having an advocate on your side can provide you with the ability to confidently approach what can be a complicated issue. For example, what should you do if you are one of several owners of a building and want to terminate the arrangement? How do you partition a building into units? Our Queens and the New York metropolitan area attorneys can advise you of the steps you need to follow.

Elderly people may find themselves the victims of real estate scams or fraudulent activity — sometimes at the hands of a family member. We are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable people in this kind of situation.

These are but some of the circumstances you might encounter. Contact us for a consultation about your specific needs. Call 718-459-6200 or 800-672-4029 or complete our online contact form to receive more information.

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